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Sakura's Closet [entries|friends|calendar]
Xenosaga Dressing Room

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[18 Oct 2008|08:13pm]

...Rubedo, there's more than one of you, isn't there?
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[10 Oct 2008|06:27pm]

What... what is this place?

Surely it isn't the afterlife that was promised--

((ooc: dead, angsty pellegri is in the house!))
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[28 Sep 2008|04:04pm]

It's hard to imagine nothing, so don't.  Imagine an unexplored map.  You can only move up.  As you move up, the map rotates around you so that you are able to explore the entirety of the map, even though there is no chance of you ever exploring the entirety of the map, because the map is constantly expanding.  As you move, you push the map pieces around; you displace them and push the entire map forward.  You are content, because you believe that this is everything there is.

What you do not realize is that you are nothing but waves.  You are audio waves, and you are so incredibly strong and loud that you are able to affect space with it.  You cannot hear yourself because you are just a wave, but something that is not a wave can.  That's right.  You are not alone.

Something appears.  Something that is not space.  Something of color--something you can see, even though you have no eyes, and even though there is no light source.  In your absolute terror, you sing out against this newly appeared entity.  You engage in combat with the entity, and both of you are killed in the resulting collision.  Your bodies are split apart--fragmented.  This fragmenting is the creation of our modern universe.

And it will be its doom.
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[06 Sep 2008|01:38pm]



Where... am I...?

[new member is new, have fun with him~]
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[05 Sep 2008|11:03pm]

A-Albedo! Kirschwasser 33 and I need to talk to you again. It's urgent. Really.

I...I owe you something. And she wants to talk to you to.

Please talk to us.

ooc;; basically, a log between albedo, kirschwasser 33, and rubedo. but if anyone feels like jumping in, i suppose it'd be okay. drama is always fun-tastic.
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[01 Aug 2008|06:58pm]

I don't know why, but this place seems really familiar. Almost like I've been here before. But I don't exactly recognize it.

Um, Shion? Could you do a quick diagnostic for me? I thought my sensors might be malfunctioning, but Allen said even though that's probably not the case, I should have you take a look anyways.

[8D Hi everybody! I'm new. *waves*]
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[01 Aug 2008|03:34pm]

What is this place?

(ooc: \o\ New member is new. ♥)
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toto we're not in the lake of fire anymore! [28 Jul 2008|10:38pm]

What is this place?

Did I create this when I--?

Oh god. 
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kirschwasser tea party!! [07 Jul 2008|03:43pm]

*Kirschwasser 33 sets down a found tea set beneath a tree, and sits down in the shade. She gradually drinks her tea, taking quick small sips and looking around nervously. She is waiting for her sister, but there are dangerous people in this place, and they could show up at any time...*


((Existential tea party with Kirschwassers 33 and 97! This is mostly for betaloli, but anyone can join.))
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[28 Jun 2008|03:14am]

While this really serves no point, it also doesn't hurt to gather information.

Who here was previously dead prior to their arrival?
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[22 Jun 2008|02:49pm]

[There is a KOS-MOS who has just appeared, and is looking... Well, mildly confused, as she gives herself a once over and then looks around]

This is not... Quite where I expected to be. Am I hallucinating, now that i'm at the end? Or am I already in the collective unconscious?

And Shion, why I can I sense you here?

[Awakened, end game KOS-MOS is now in the house. or closet, should I say]
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[08 Jun 2008|03:53pm]

Um--- I have cookies. Does anyone want some?

[Kirschwasser has cookies. have some and mingle with each other.]
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[01 Jun 2008|10:19pm]

After almost a year in that camp, I can hardly believe I need to ask this. But that's how it is.

Where is this place?
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[26 Apr 2008|06:38pm]

"KOS-MOS, you have never being to the year 2008! Let alone on Lost Jerusalem! What is wrong with you?"

"As I have stated three times before, I am not malfunctioning. You are the one who is wrong. Please pay more attention, Shion."

"Why do you have to be so stubborn, KOS-MOS?!"

((ITP: Shion and KOS-MOS are bickering. Both will be replying to anyone who comments~! Come play with us))
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[18 Apr 2008|08:02pm]

I don't know what's going on, but where the Hell is everyone? It's not like we have.. backup anymore. Guys, if you mess up the Elsa, that's the end of all of us!
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[14 Apr 2008|08:30pm]

So the plot thickens, huh? heheh. Well, it sure as Hell is an inconvenience.
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Huh? [14 Apr 2008|08:41am]

[ mood | confused ]

This...is not the Elsa. This is obviously a very vivid dream or something. I hope.

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[13 Apr 2008|05:02pm]

Current location: Unknown
Current time: Unknown
Access to U.M.N: 0.00%


This is a malfunctioning encephalon dive.
Probability: 73.24%

I have simultaneous sensor feedback corruption and memory bank failure, and this situation is the result of reading the data.
Probability: 10.42%

Unknown situation.
Probability: 10.34%

We are currently in a spacetime distortion. This accounts for the timeline discrepancies and the existence of multiple copies of the same individual.
Probability: 6%
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[12 Apr 2008|02:02pm]

Hey kids, I owe you one, so I'm gonna jam up your opera!
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mod post: minor rules edit! [11 Apr 2008|12:39pm]

If y'all could please look at the revised second rule in the profile!  Questions can go here.Thank you, and please play on through.
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